All began in May 2014

The brand started in 2014 after I left a job working for an event crewing company and a sales job. It was at a difficult point in my life and didn’t know what the next steps were.

Whilst seeking the Lord on what to do, a word came to me to start a streetwear brand which glorifies God. But it will be very unique and unlike any other brand; Christian and non. There is a fire and a passion unlike anything before, and to see this brand grow to bless others and you. I would get wisdom and awesome Ideas which kept me up at night thinking, planning, and consulting The Lord keeping Him at the centre of decisions made. These ideas are innovative. 

I’ve always been into name branded clothes and trainers/sneakers and had a talent in artistry. In the clothing industry There aren’t many brands which have a positive message, so there was a desire to create a brand that delivers on both fashionable designs and a message of The Truth behind it.

What does the person who buys your garments get other than just clothes?

Other than looking fresh, they get a message from the design that can resonate with them while looking good wearing it. This brand is unique as it provokes thought on the scriptural means behind each design and can encourage those to delve in the word.

What does the brand name mean?

Conquering King simply means God is Risen.

He died, was buried, and rose again on the third day defeating death and sin for us so that we can now have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Our goal is to minister and encourage people to know God personally for yourself, and the significance and power of His resurrection and discover what it truly means.

Knowing God is foundational, and He will open our eyes to so many truths and was how the brand was birthed.

As God remains centre of the plans of the business more awesome ideas will continue to be released as the brand grows. And strive to bring excellence in all areas of the business.

Aaron G



The Conquering King mascot Logo symbolises identity. That it should not be in ourselves but in the one True King.