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About Us

All Began in May 2014.

Conquering King apparel is a street wear brand delivering a powerful message and providing simple, clean designs with quality at an affordable price. One of the purposes behind the brand is to deliver messages and meanings behind many of the designs brought out. We strive to bring quality in all areas of the business.

Conquering King simply means God is Risen.

He died, was buried, and rose again on the third day defeating death and sin for us so that we can now have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Our goal is to minister and encourage people to know God personally for yourself, and the significance and power of His resurrection and discover what it truly means.

Philippians 3:7-11

Knowing God is foundational and He will open our eyes to so many truths. This was how the brand began, by knowing these truths

Conquering king apparel also represents how we can overcome/conquer any situation and circumstance that life throws at us by standing on truths of God’s word. To Push forward and to Elevate.

We are all kings and queens, but Jesus is the ultimate King that rules and reins. Conquering King™


Aaron Gordon


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